An Apple a day keeps doctor away !!

Long long ago some anonymous creature said that an apple a day keeps doctor away. But is this true ??
I think human have a bug in their brain cause u know we start believing anything which we hear from any ancient source.
That’s the reason during 80’s the number of human population and number of existing myth and superstition became equal for the fraction of second. Then came the era when the number of myths started decreasing due to spreading awareness and development in science and technology.
But then today we are witnessing an era where this science and technology are originating more myths then aware .
People start believing anything when a sentence starts with scientist says that …!
India is the lead player in this game of making mind blowing myths
If your an Indian whatsapp user you certainly would have received a forward saying that this is the photo of India taken by NASA during Diwali or saying that today at night sun is going to emit some crapy rays so don’t keep your cellphone near you it can harm you and all but actually we don’t leave on mars , we have our own magnetic field. And if solar flare occurs somewhere on this planet media will be first one to cover it. And offcource Indian media will make documentary on this.
Things is people do strange things for their obvious purpose !!
Well you can always avoid such things if you want
But the question is does really an a apple a day can keep doctor away ??


The struggle

When I started it I was pretty aware that there will be struggle waiting for me. But I was unaware how it feels like actually facing it.
On a way to success there will be people who will be helping you out but ironically there will exist some creature who will offer something which u don’t what yeah resistance .the major problem with them is either they don’t believe you or they don’t want to see you grow. Which one is more dangerous I am not sure now but I think I will know it very soon.
I don’t what I am doing or what I will be doing but I am sure why I am doing or is it reverse. Damn my brain is so complex even its hard for me to understand . even it is one of the above case its taking my peace away. I always wanted to be good to do something good but I end up being a bad guy. People say its because of my anger or less perseverance.
But people also say I am good in patience .so what I think is maybe its because of my wrong timing to show my qualities which ironically becomes my weakness because of wrong timing .
Life maybe complex but what I think is ..its good to jot down on paper
It helps !!!

I am sick

Finlay-Davies-Muir-photographed-by-Jez-Dixon-for-Water-BabiesNo literally i am sick today . from past few days the temp is going down. winter is coming !!!. No
we ain’t gonna see white walkers here. But it just made the swimming pools water more chilled.Today before swimming session i was determined that i am going to fight with the fear of drowning and learn proper swimming as soon as possible.But today i discovered my new enemy which is in alliance with deep water. Its called cold water !! Really its just fucking terrible to enter water slowly and slowly !! It makes feel like Theon Greyjoy ..getting tortured.And when someone splashes that cold water on you while you are entering ..its like what vengeance you want from me !!. you know the best way to get rid of all this chilling monstrous experience is ??? . I discovered it today when i was entering in the water which was far more cooler then the yesterday’s water .I took a direct jump in it . And in few seconds i was normal. I learned one thing from it.Anyways I am gonna tell you That after sometime . You know today i was eating ice-cream from swirls with my friend. Its pretty expensive stuff you know for people like me . But my friend was in hurry. He wanted to meet his girlfriend.I would not comment about her but i can say he was her pet!! so in hurry he was eating ice cream like he is eating burger just because his girlfriend ranged him up for a casual meeting . Well i don’t presently have any girlfriend but a guy need to live his life with some rules , for me like Games , football matches of Barcelona , cricket and ice cream i don’t skip for anything . He was eating like Hell with all the brain freezes and he didn’t even enjoyed it . he just ate it just because he paid for it.which was really painful for him. on the other hand i was enjoying it . i was eating it as slow as possible so that i can enjoy that awesome flavor as long as possible . so it turned nearly as ice cream of my life . i was also celebrating me being single also looking at him . The point is everyone in his life consumes equal amount of good and Bad stuff !! The icy water in the pool was bad . the more slowly i would have gone. i would have suffered more . the ice-cream the more fast i would have eat . the more brain freezes and more suffering . so its not the good and bad situation . its the speed with which you handle it made it good and bad . leave bad thing behind as fast as possible otherwise it gonna cause you more suffering . and enjoy the happiness and moments as long as possible because it limited and your life worth it !!

yeah but the water was cool enough to make me sick. i have fever and suffering from cold now !! Good Day !!

WHats life ??

i dont know the reason y i m born.people say every man is born for a specific reason .is that so ?? there are seven billion people on this planet . so is there seven billion reason for which this whole humanity is alive . like is tehre anyone out there who can explain me the whole concept of life. i mean why life ?? whats the reason for life . why does it makes sense living so that once day we can die. origin sounds meaningless if it does have end.thats wat everything in this universe has .it has origin and it also has end . like okay lets move away from our death. think of life as a whole.everyone agry dat smday our sun will burn all the fuel n will die ..making our planet earth incapable of holding end of life ?? okay lets take a case where another form of life exist smwhere on other planet or our human are intelligent enough to lew earth be4 it dies but den we know like our sun ..every other sun will die eventually ..n dis whole universe will turn into cold dark place totally incapable of holding anykind of life. many religion believe son is our GOD 9surya devta in Hinduism)..den how can our creator can die ? do God die ?? like fuck every damn thing is just contradictory as a whole is fucked up like our individual personal life . u know wat every damn thing which we call to exist ..actully does nt exist ..u know der only exist one thing n thats 0 amount of matter ..all we c around is matter ..which has its complimentary anti-matter. same way happiness and sadness just has to be zero matter how much u try 2 be happy ..but u hv 2 fight sadness of equal magnitude and thats the law . i m nt questioning the existence of God. I M just questioning the logic .IS it the same we have . the rational one ?? the way we think is it inherrited to us by our creator ?? y did he made this whole fuckall system like this the most optimum way to fuck everything termed live ?? like common sm1 answer me ..who in dis universe is nt fucked up small rocky near by planet fucked up by suns heat ..faraway planet are chilled to fucking bone frezzing temp .and the planet in goldilock zone our earth is just fucked up by smthing more dangerous beings called humanity . damn people se theys no competition 2 nature …common open u r eyes ..we r just competiting nature ..our technologies are causing cyclones typhoons unconventional season ..meltdown of our polar ice caps. we even are started being effected by man made earthquake. we cut trees don not live n let not other live also ..tress they dont fight for racism . dey do nt have boder dispute wid u ..dey dont hv weapon ..dey dont posses nuclear bombs ..but we still go n fucking cut dem ..!!! man ..creator if read blogs of u r products ..just answer if u can ..kyuki i know god do exist ..isme toh koi shak nahi hai ..cause such fuckall system apne app banna possibe he nahi hai ..ders sm reason ..n if u dont feel shy 2 contact us ..den just guide dis misguided humanity ..mann c isis ..bagdadi ..people burnt alive ..people dying of cancer ..the tress being humilated ..planets dying ..morality going down ..ethics replaced by diplomacy politics n self fishness ..i m gonna die one day ..donno when i meet u alive smday ..cause dey i will make u understand the bugs in u r codings ..GOD common be responsible …it u r responsibility 2 protect u r innocent people burned alive ..whats life man ?? whats life god ?? i think 2 find dat u created us..cause even if u hv nt gt dat answer …nowadays goodpeople are helpless for example c god ..he is gud ..but most helpless for of thing ever existed !!! #answer us ..we hv everyright 2 question u !! n u need 2 respond !!!

The Martian Trailer is Here and Yesyesyesyes

i always wanted 2 go to mars 😉 😀

Sorry Television

Remember a few months ago when I told you Andy Weir’s stranded-in-space sci-fi novel The Martian is amazing and deserves all the great attention it’s getting as well as its Ridley-Scott-directed, Matt-Damon-starring movie adaptation? Well the trailer came out today and it looks GOOD.

If you haven’t read this book yet, jump on it.

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downloadThis blog is about reservation so basicly its u r guide how to reserve a train ticket without using i m kidding.Actully its about the well known “How 2 be qualified without actully being qualified” system of the worlds biggest democracy,ahh thats us India.Actully many of times i use this line because it makes me proud that atleast in something we are bigger then U.S.A and China and UK and Japan and France and Germany and also etc.yeah we are also bigger in area and also in population except china,but you know Indian are so competitive we gonna trash china even in that in just few years.But what matters to us is that we are bigger in every expect than pakistan except bankruptcy and malnutrition and terrorism and all those thing which America wanted Iraq to have.

Lets go to history In August 1932, the then Prime Minister of Britain, Ramsay Macdonald gave his ‘award’ known as the Communal Award. According to it, separate representation was to be provided for the Muslims, Sikhs, Indian Christians, Anglo-Indians, Europeans, Dalit. The depressed classes were assigned a number of seats to be filled by election from special constituencies in which voters belonging to the depressed classes only could vote. This was planned to be an extension of divide and rule policy of the British.And amazingly we just thought Prime Minister of Britain was doing this to get a Nobel Peace Prize. we took it as welfare scheme labeled it as RESERVATION the only kick-all policy in the world after the Nazi Anti-Jews one.

The Award was highly controversial and opposed by Mahatma Gandhi, who fasted in protest against it.But then he was convinced rather he was made KRK and told that constitution will hold this “AWARD” for only 25 years. And those who are unaware who is KRK Please just dont try searching him online.You Can search sonia gandhi but dont do KRK cause Google gets annoyed everytime some1 does that.Anyways today i m tallking about this reservation system which just screwing general people since 1947.I am a guy belonging to general . mann!!! what offence did i do ?? why on having the same start line i have a farer finish line .today when india aspires to be the upcoming world leader,we are just facing a resistance of Reservation system.For example take The best country USA which has a motto to be in the best you have to be matter who u are they will judge on your capabilities and not on a piece of paper also know as caste certificate and also piece of shit.out there there are large number of countries who do not believe in this system.some people have argument that India need it cause we have to bring the backward communities in the mainstram of developement.I asked him to answer 2 questions 1, were your born malnourised ?? he said ‘obviously no, i had enough food to keep me nourished ,my parents provided it.And then i asked then y u just demanded for more??he was speechless.cause when he did that he just took some extra food making some people deprived of food.And you know hunger doesnt believe in reservation,isnt it ?? so all those reserve’s round the country u r just making people deprived of opporunities for one who actully needs it.I know all the communities are not present in the mainstream of developement even after 60 years of independence.The reason for this is also reservation because if a lazy guy is impressed by earnings made by begging then what he will do that he would label himself as a beggar n bedefault he would always remains so.and dats just happening in our country.cause even after 100’s of years we would be unable to abolish the words such that sc,st and obc cause constitution would always have these printed in it .so if we need to abolish it we need to just ease this words from the constitution . i dream of country where these words will be nt reffered in any single paper except the history textbooks.our country needs an ammendment,the necessary one.kill all reservation be4 its too late !!!


42164-Memories-Last-Forever#Memories -This blog is about the random things that happens which reminds you smthing which smtyms makes u still and stops the clock around sending you into deep thought

one day actully it was pi(3.14) day.And I m a guy who always wanna have fun and follow some rules 2 stay happy .one such was enjoy little things .so like what i did was i just copied the value of pi upto 1 million digits and then i pasted it in her chat box.And then to wish her happy pi day which is actully one of  a non-conventional wish which a girl would ever expect from a guy .well i did that and as it was a million digit long it just hanged the system and she was unable to scroll up and me what she has to do was 2 delete the whole conversation and then with that she deleted our around 50k messsages and then i was quite sad ,she said please dont be we talk like a whole day and we would cross the 50k messages in just two days and the most important things is memories resides in us ,we dont need to keep a hardcopy of it.Its been months now since this thing and now we are very far from each other for a very silly reason actully .buts its life you have to move on and keep moving forward no matter what happen because u r nt only an individual , u r actully representing a community ,a mindset ,a innovation. u r a representative and world is counting on u . so you have to keep moving . she was one of the closest one who came like a floating  paperboat in my life and was gone like a wind,if we see we did spent a very less tym 2gather but for me it was like years.cause she was the awesomest teacher in my life.i learned stuffs which worth years of experience.Though a small misunderstanding broke us but i believe smday our fate will unite us.anyways the thing is i was sending a message to my frnd which quite long ,nt like the value of pi but long and then facebook said u r nt allowed 2 do so.and then i was like i wish dis wud hv happened then,atleast i wud hv out 50k messages with me . i know memories dont need a hardcopy .but its like u always do cry on seeing a photograph of u r lost loved one’ just makes you live in u r older memories .someone will have argument that the memories should be forgoten.but for me these are my lessons i learned and i need it for my rest of my life.dont loose your memories because without it you would be a computer with blank harddisk,u wud be new but u wud nt be valuable .because data is smthing which makes a computer valuable like memories which makes a human valuable.